• Crossing the Seine

    Crossing the Seine

  • Scupture Garden

    Scupture Garden

  •  Canal St. Martin

    Canal St. Martin

  • Meat Vendor, Street Market

    Meat Vendor, Street Market

  • Luxembourg Gardens

    Luxembourg Gardens

  • La Chien, Paris, France

    La Chien, Paris, France

  • Yellow Restaurant, Right Bank

    Yellow Restaurant, Right Bank

  • A Peak at Notre Dame

    A Peak at Notre Dame

  • Photoshoot


  • La Creperie

    La Creperie

  • Pont des Arts

    Pont des Arts

  • Blue Doors

    Blue Doors

  • Vendor, Paris Marketplace

    Vendor, Paris Marketplace

  • Grocery Stand with Orange Walls

    Grocery Stand with Orange Walls

  • Chairs Stacked  at Day's End

    Chairs Stacked at Day's End

  • Sunbathers, Luxembourg Gardens

    Sunbathers, Luxembourg Gardens

  • Chez Prune/Canal st. Martin

    Chez Prune/Canal st. Martin

  • Hotel Window Reflection

    Hotel Window Reflection

  • Cafe-Bar


  • Street Market

    Street Market

  • Lunch Time, Paris Brasserie

    Lunch Time, Paris Brasserie

  • Florist Window, left bank

    Florist Window, left bank

  • Cafe de Flore

    Cafe de Flore

  • Cafe Restaurant

    Cafe Restaurant

  • Musee d'Orsay Clock

    Musee d'Orsay Clock